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About Insulac

Insulac is high quality nutritious food 100% originating from the United States, by the Company PERRIGO PBM NUTRITIONALS produced in Vermont.  Perrigo PBM Nutritional is one of the 05 largest milk powder producer in the United States and is also one of 05 milk producers in the United States FDA-licensed and accredited. The entire production process quality Insulac from dairy herds, milking procedures, production, stage canned finished ... is subject to inspection procedures and strict management of FDA.
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Featured products

Insulac mom
Insulac mom

Milk-Based Nutritional Supplement for Getting Pregnant, Pregnant & Lactating Women

Insulac  IQ Growth
Insulac IQ Growth

Our milk-based nutritional supplement provides balanced nutrition and immune support for children...

Insulac  Gold
Insulac Gold

Balanced nutrition specially formulated to support adult health.


6 thực phẩm ăn sáng tốt cho bé mẹ cần biết ngay4 - 10 years old
6 thực phẩm ăn sáng tốt cho bé mẹ cần biết ngay

Một bữa sáng được cho là tốt nhất với trẻ nhỏ là bữa sáng giàu protein và đầy đủ dưỡng chất. Đây là 6 thực phẩm nên có mặt trong bữa sáng cho bé mà mẹ cần biết ngay!